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     Well, the cool weather is finally here.  Gone are the long days and warm afternoon rides – the winter training season is upon me – and that means base miles.  Ughh.  Thankfully for me I love the bike, otherwise I would likely find little motivation to pull myself out of bed and ride in weather that would keep most sensible folk indoors. (we won’t talk about running yet)  As I’m tempted to sleep in another day, I remind myself of the hard lesson I learned about building a proper base.  I learned it the hard way, by not building one…


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     A little over a year ago I decided that I needed to do a triathlon, a goal that had always floated in the back of mind ever since I got that Timex “Ironman” watch as a kid, but it seemed that some major life event always got in the way.  As I get a little older and begin to feel the clock catching up to me, I seem to be seeking out ways to convince myself that I’m still in my prime.  Now as a thirty something with a wife and kids, the timing has finally worked out. I found the first triathlon of the season for my area and signed up – the wheels were in motion.  I’ve never considered myself an athlete so I expected some challenges, but little did I know or imagine the pain, drama, comedy, and life lessons that would accompany my new found passion.  Looking back, I now see that I learned some important lessons during that first triathlon. Read the rest of this entry »

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