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I walked in from my 10 mile run tonight to be greeted by my 4 year old. She made a delighted squeal when she saw me at the door, but after an attempted hug she held her nose and told me she thought she was allergic to my smell. I got a similar response from my lovely wife. Actually, I get the same response from her just about every time I come in from an intense workout. She gets this look like someone just popped an amonia tablet under her nose. It’s nothing personal, just her body’s involuntary reaction to having her senses assaulted. To say I sweat would probably be an understatement. Let’s just say I have a very efficient self cooling system, and there is a price to be paid for that- one of the hidden dangers of training for an iron distance triathlon that none of the books tell you about.

The good news was the 10 miles I ran tonight was just over 2 minutes faster than the 10 I ran last Sunday. It’s good to see progress, and it was even a little hotter this time around. The even better news was that I got to see my two girls before they went to bed. That gave me a little extra incentive to run fast. The hardest things about training for a race like this haven’t been entirely physical to this point, although that aspect has been plenty hard. It has been juggling the time demands of this type of training load. For one, I don’t like missing the girls’ bedtime. This race is a major goal, but I have to keep it in perspective. While still a triathlete, I’m a husband and a dad first…hopefully soon to be an Iron-dad though.

82 delicious miles this morning and about 5500 calories burned. A good time on the bike with some great friends. Justin, Lou Ferigno called, he wants his calves back. Jake, when you hop off the bike after 50+ miles and go for a run, could you at least pretend to be tired? Most memorable quote/attack of the day: Scott pulls alongside me on a hill, gives the “look,” calls me “Alberto” in a low tone, and then starts dancing on the pedals Texan style. Nice.

I have to figure out what they plant at that church we passed three times today so I can be sure to never ever ever plant it anywhere close to my house. Sinuses went crazy for half the ride, and intervals get interesting when you are full of Benadryl. Still, a fantastic morning.

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