Wow, how is it that I never find time to write?!?! In any case, thanks to my poor math skills, I have now had two much shorter than anticipated swims. How hard is it to take the closing time of the pool, subtract the amount of time a workout will take, and then arrive at the proper start time? Apparently it’s rocket science because I’ve now proven twice that I’m not smarter than a fifth grader. And I couldn’t be happier about it, at least in the case of cutting the second swim short.

I saw my doctor today for some shoulder pain (read agonizing, excruciating, wake you up in the middle of the night screaming pain) and learned that I’ve developed bursitis in my right shoulder. Bursitis! And only 2.5 weeks from my iron distance race! Woe is me I say! I was pretty ticked about that missed swim at the time too, but now I’m very thankful for it, or the lack thereof. A little over 2000 yards really was enough to aggravate my injury, and push me to the doctor’s office. Just the nudge I needed. The just under 4000 yards I had scheduled might have done some serious damage.

I had my first massage tonight. No, it wasn’t one of those where the wrap your head in a towel and put a salad on your face, nor was it the type where a large Eastern European makes you cry and wish for death. This was more like one of those where the masseuse says “tell me when this really hurts,” and then when you do they hold that spot for a little longer. I have to say it was pretty great. I’m hoping the combination of medication, ice, and some more deep massage (and of course above all prayer) will make this go away, or at least be tolerable by November 7. I’m again reminded that God is in control, so I’m just going to wait and see where it all goes and do my best to patiently trust. Stay tuned.