November 18, 2009

This past Saturday, coach Jim Cunningham officially opened the doors of the all new Greenville Cycling Center powered by Jim Cunningham Coaching. The open house was an opportunity for friends, fellow athletes, and prospective clients to get a first look at the new venue, which includes a state of the art eight station computrainer studio which boasts wide screen projection. Coach Jim has been a vital force in Upstate cycling and coaching for some time now, but this new “bricks and mortar” location on the Eastside will allow him to expand his services even further.

Offering in-depth training plans, threshold testing, motor pacing, domestique services, and his exclusive bio-fit system (in conjunction with partner and physical therapist Tim Crunk), Jim is ready to help cyclists of all abilities take their training to the next level. To learn more, check out Jim and the Greenville Cycling Center at