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Wow. The Whirlwind of Christmas morning is over, the family room is almost back to normal (as opposed to the minefield of wrapping paper and toys it was a day ago), and it’s time to start getting back into the groove for next season.  My last race was November 7, closing in on 2 months ago, and today would be my first day back in the water since then.  I had not initially planned on waiting this long, but I wanted to give my shoulder as much time as possible to recover.  I’ve biked and run since then, but avoided the water (except for the daily shower).

Now that it’s time to dive in once more, I have found myself a little uneasy and hesitant. I suppose it’s just one of those universal laws that the longer you wait to workout, the harder it is to get started.  It’s kind of funny when you think about it.  My last swim was open water and covered 2.4 miles in a little less than an hour, and now here I am nervous about a short stint in the controlled conditions of a heated pool? Finally I was able to drag myself out of the house, kids in tow, and get to the Y for a short swim.  I wondered if I would even remember how. After a hot shower to get everything loosened up I was back on the pool deck, and once in the water everything felt right again.  I did not sink like a stone, and my body seemed to remember all the right motions. At last, back in business!

Now it’s time for phase II of my get-it-back-in-gear program, close the Christmas/New Year’s buffet.  SO many peanut M&Ms and goodies still left over, this is REALLY going to be tough…

The weather outside is frightful? Fear not! Here are 10 truly compelling reasons that you should hop on the trainer and keep cranking out the miles this Winter…

10. Anything that might drip out of your nose will not immediately turn to ice.

9. To prove you really are going nowhere fast.

8. Less people will see you when you fall off the bike.

7. You don’t need to shave your legs.

6. Your living room suit looked “incomplete” without your trainer setup.

5. Rudolph in clay-mation motivates you.

4. College Football GameDay!

3. Aerobars are great for holding a tray of hotwings.

2. Being able to feel your fingers and toes is a GOOD THING.

1. At least you’ll know whose dog bit you.

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