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Well, today my wife Lisa and I raced the Clemson Triathlon.  The weather forecasters had predicted thunder storms all day, but you just can’t predict the weather!  It was probably the nicest weather I’ve ever seen at this race (at least since 2007 when I started doing the event).  I was hoping for a PR, but wound up missing it by a whopping 38 seconds.  Still, it was my fastest swim yet, so I was happy with that, and my overall time was still better than last year’s.  On the flip side, today was also a challenging day in some ways.

Earlier in the week, my big toe had mysterious turned black and blue.  The doctor told me this was very odd since it was obviously not broken or jammed.  Possible causes were a blot clot,  I seem to recall gangrene being mentioned, and then of course busted blood vessels.  I cast my vote for the latter. I then twisted my “trick” ankle walking into the transition area before the race ever started.  Hmmmm, interesting start to the day.  The race course was pretty free of mishaps, save my wetsuit becoming unzipped, apparently DURING the swim.  Lisa’s mishap was a little more troublesome, as she had her first experience with a dropped chain during a race.  Unfortunately it dropped to the inside, which really cost her some time.  Neither of us had the perfect race, but do you ever?  Still, we both had fun.  When someone says, “how was your race?” it’s easy to lament over the things that didn’t go as planned.  However, perspective is a wonderful thing.  We are so thankful to God that we even CAN race.  To be able to go out and swim, bike, and run at any pace in any way is truly a blessing!

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