Keep on ticking…

Starting to feel a bit like the Timex on my wrist…takes a licking, keeps on ticking.  In any case, my PT is officially over, and after getting back in the water for the first time since August I can now tell myself that I’m really back in training as a triathlete again.  Until yesterday, I had only run or biked since my injury.  The run is still going to be my focus area for the upcoming season. I’m trying to stay slow and steady, running every other day, or every other other day, 4 miles each time.  I have no science to back up my plan.  It is steady enough that I can do it though, and it is allowing me to get my times back down.  So at this rate if I increase the speed on my treadmill (as has been my tactic) a tenth of a mile per hour every other day, WHY I’LL BE RUNNING 4 MINUTE MILES IN NO TIME!  😉

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