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What's in youRemember the popular add slogan from Gatorade, “Is it in you?”  The visual was effective – what you put in will eventually come out.  A cool graphic, and man, how true.  I was sitting listening to my pastor this morning and he made the comment that even in church, we all still wear masks sometimes.  That also rang true.  It’s not until I’m squeezed, until the pressure is on, then what’s really inside me comes out.  When the heat is on, that’s when you find out who I am, what I’m made of, what I’ve been “feeding.”  Wow, how many time’s I’ve blown it, big time. Thankfully, as I heard Chip Ingram say on a parenting video this morning, “failure is never final with God.”  Whew! So Gatorade is fine for fitness, but it’s not going to get me through life.  It’s not “what’s” inside that matters most, but “who” is inside. A good reminder that my focus needs to be on “being transformed into his image.”  Praying to be more like Christ on the inside, so that’s what people see on the outside when life squeezes me again!

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