Scandal, performance enhancement, & blood manipulation: Is blood really the secret to finishing well?

Cycling news has been littered with scandal lately.  Unless you’ve been on an island, it has been hard to miss the media firestorm surrounding the Lance Armstrong case.  The USADA has spent weeks laying out a case highlighting illegal performance enhancing drug use and elaborate blood doping schemes among the top professionals.  We have nowContinue reading “Scandal, performance enhancement, & blood manipulation: Is blood really the secret to finishing well?”

Lessons I learned with a 7-year old Triathlete

Abigail is still not 100% comfortable on the bike, and that’s mainly due to me not spending enough time with her out practicing on it.  Still, she was adamant about doing the Kids Triathlon this past weekend.  I on the other hand was more hesitant.  In the end, I think adamant won out (plus IContinue reading “Lessons I learned with a 7-year old Triathlete”

Training Day

Sleep…zzzzz… Who ever gets enough? Frantic mornings. Long days at work, long days at home, long days at school – either way, some days training is just hard.  By day’s end, it’s like you’ve already spent every ounce of energy you had.  I will confess, there have been too many days I’ve just wanted to flake out,Continue reading “Training Day”

My best? I was shooting for mediocre!!!

I always tell my kids, “just try your best!” So I was recently confronted with a great philosophical dilemma, can you try your best to not do your best? No, I’m not sandbagging. To be upfront, I’m not a guy who is accustomed to being on the podium. I’ve been there once, in six seasons,Continue reading “My best? I was shooting for mediocre!!!”

Keep on ticking…

Starting to feel a bit like the Timex on my wrist…takes a licking, keeps on ticking.  In any case, my PT is officially over, and after getting back in the water for the first time since August I can now tell myself that I’m really back in training as a triathlete again.  Until yesterday, IContinue reading “Keep on ticking…”

A reminder in my flesh…

I’ll make this relatively quick.  Humans have a short memory.  I know I do.  I forget my car keys, whether or not I turned off the iron, and far too often, I forget how much God has done for me.  I wont list all my life struggles here, but my most recent one has beenContinue reading “A reminder in my flesh…”