What does it mean to be a teammate? It means you being who God designed you to be, doing what you love to do, and serving Christ as you do it, it’s that simple!  There is no particular athletic criteria to be met and no resume of race finishes to be filled out. Whether you’ve  raced once, never, or one hundred times is not what matters. If you run marathons, great!  If you walk/run 5ks, or enjoy leisurely bike rides with the family, great! What is truly important is that as teammates we use the opportunities that God gives us to share the gospel and serve people.  Of course, as all Christians everywhere are called to do, we must take seriously whom we represent, the Lord Jesus.  While none of us are perfect, we all strive to become more like Jesus every day. We are called to be fully devoted followers and act as Christ’s representatives wherever he places us.

The mission and desire of Team Finish Well Endurance is to honor God and represent Jesus on and off of the race course. Our aim is to do so by respecting our fellow competitors, helping others in the spirit of Christ as best we can, and sharing Christ’s love and the truths of the gospel in both deed and word as God presents us with opportunities.

Just as all followers of Jesus everywhere are called to do, teammates are also called to live according to the word of God, to avoid moral compromise, and not affirm sinful acts or behavior. Of course nobody is going to be perfect, but that’s why we all need forgiveness!  What teammates should always be mindful of is that we are called to be a reflection of Christ, and seek to conduct ourselves accordingly.

Finally, we want to have fun out there! The Christian life, while it has its trials and tribulations, is ultimately one of joy and hope! Let us reflect that as we run our race and seek to lead others to life! Any follower of Christ who is ready to use their passion for endurance sports to share Christ’s love and spread the gospel is invited to join us!

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