The result of our failure to follow the right course is disqualification!  Refusing to follow the course set by God is disobedience, and to reject the course is to reject the one who designed it.  The Bible is clear, “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”(Rom 3:23 NIV)  What is sin?  Sin is doing what God says not to do, and failing to do what he commands, but it is more than that.  Sin is a state of being, a condition we all find ourselves in.  Like habitual cheaters, we all find ourselves wanting to live our lives and run the race our own way.

Let’s be honest, nobody really likes the concept of submitting to authority.  We are a culture that says, “have it your way.”  Sure, we may be nice, friendly, even generous and kind towards others, but in the end we are all selfish at heart.  We long to be the captain’s of our own destinies.  Though we might not ever say it out loud, our lives speak for us as if to say, “God, I think my way is better than yours!”

The bad news is, there are consequences for our transgressions.  “The wages (getting what we deserve) of sin is death. (Ro 6:23 NIV)”  While we may not literally be wiped off the planet, we do experience a state of death as we live.  Separated from God, we experience guilt, purposelessness, hopelessness, fear, and anxiety.  Our lives are filled with broken relationships and discarded possessions as we attempt to fill the void that only the one who created us can fill.  When we die in this state, we are forever separated from God, never to know the joy and fulfillment of a relationship with him.  Hell itself is the harsh reality of disqualification.  How can we ever get turned back in the right direction? CONTINUE

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